United College Prague (UCP)

The United College Prague group was established in 2020 by merging three established private universities - the College of International and Public Relations Prague, the Institute of Hospitality Management and Economics, and the University of Logistics. Its aim is to build on the foundations that these universities began to build twenty years ago and at the same time strengthen cooperation between our schools so that current and future students receive an even better education that will prepare them for a successful career and a happy life.

History of the schools

Quality. Prestige. Success.

All universities within the UCP group are built on three pillars. First of all, the quality experts from practice who teach at UCP schools. Many of our teachers are former first-class managers, entrepreneurs, ministers or diplomats, thanks to which we provide mainly helpful tools for work experience and not memorised lessons from textbooks. Furthermore, there are prestigious study programs, after which the candidate will find employment in the field without any problems. The last pillar consists of successful graduates who, thanks to the acquired knowledge and contacts at our universities, belong to the top in their fields.

Schools management