Dear students,

The Department of International Relations and Diplomacy, in cooperation with the marketing department, has prepared the unique Project Embassy for you. It is a three-semester project in which we will introduce you to the smallest detail, how the embassy works in practice and what activities must be performed by individual employees.

The uniqueness of this project lies in the fact that at each lecture / discussion there will be a guest from practice, who performs the given function and shares his knowledge and experience with you.

The project is intended for all students of VŠMVV Praha o.p.s. regardless of the studied study program (for Part-time and Full-time students). The subject of the project will be to acquaint the participants of the project with the content of the job description of a person in a given position, with the specific requirements of protocol holders, titles and their interaction with other professions, etiquette and rhetoric in the field.

Participation in the project is not mandatory, but we recommend that everyone who is interested in gaining further practical knowledge, broaden their professional horizons and prepare for their own professional placement.

This project is provided by VŠMVV Praha o.p.s. completely free for our students and invited guests. In addition, each graduate of this project will receive an official certificate of completion, provided they attend all lectures / discussions, which they can use in their CV.

In this semester, all lectures will take place online in the newly created Project Embassy course on Google Classroom, to which you have all received invitations. There will be more detailed information about this project (invitations, texts, photos).

It is scheduled to begin on April 1, 2021 and & nbsp; will you be introduced to Ing. Salwan Al-Nashi (longtime international service worker, Arabic / Czech translator and interpreter).

Special thanks to Mrs. Mgr. Zmeková, MBA, who is the coordinator of this project.