Part-time studies

are possible on all offered study programs.

Length of study

is not extended by a part-time study.

Classes take place

in block form in a maximum of 6 to 7 terms per semester.

An opportunity for everyone

Part-time studies are intended for all students who have to deal with other matters during the working week and do not have time to attend school several times a week. All schools within the UCP group are maximally accommodated for part-time students in order to manage their studies in time and at the same time acquire all information and knowledge as full-time students. As a result, in recent years high-level managers, entrepreneurs, administrative and state administration employees or, for example, members of the armed forces have completed their studies at our schools.


  • Can I switch from full-time to part-time study and vice versa? +

    Yes, transfer between forms of study is always possible after successful completion of the semester.
  • Do I have the status of a student even in part-time studies?? +

    Yes. This means that you are entitled to all benefits as full-time students, e.g. ISIC card and the like.
  • I can't attend some lecture blocks, can I be penalized for exams? +

    No. Attendance is not taken into account in the final evaluation.
  • Are the materials available online? +

    Yes, the vast majority of study materials (presentations, required literature, scripts) are available online.
  • Is it possible to invoice a tuition fee to an employer and is it a tax deductible expense? +

    Yes, it is possible. We need to provide us with the company's billing information and then the tuition fee can be used as a tax deductible expense.