New trends in Public Administration Development, Teach Live

VŠMVV offers lifelong learning for those who want to expand their knowledge but are not interested in bachelor's or master's studies. At present, it is possible to participate in two lifelong programs - New Trends in Public Administration Development and in Teach Live.

New Trends in Public Administration Development

Since 2020/2021, VŠMVV has had two newly accredited training courses by the Ministry of the Interior, the aim of which is to expand knowledge not only of local government officials about the Czech Republic's cooperation with the European Union but also about the exercise of public power in the Czech and European administrative space.

Lifelong learning courses are intended not only for senior officials, but for all those who want to broaden their horizons and orient themselves in new trends in public administration. They can also be used in the implementation of measure 4.1.1. The concept of client-oriented public administration within the systematic education of representatives.

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University of the Third Age (U3V)

Teach Live is a two-year program for future teachers (the so-called pedagogical minimum), which is implemented by VŠMVV together with Teach Live, and with the support of several financial partners.

This is a lifelong learning program, which is intended for university graduates who want to teach children in the second stage of primary school or in secondary school, obtained the degree of Mgr./Ing. (non-teaching) and want to teach the subject(s) according to their expertise, but lack the necessary pedagogical education.

The program includes 280 hours of practice and 320 hours of training.

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