Studying part-time

is possible on all offered study programs.

The length of study

is not extended by a part-time study

Teaching schedule

varies based on the chosen degree program

An opportunity for everyone

Part-time studies are intended for all students who have to attend to other matters during the working week and do not have time to attend school several times a week. Classes take place in the form of weekend training sessions, which always take place on Friday afternoons and Saturdays. As a rule, 5-6 of these modules are included during one semester. Attendance is not mandatory.

The only difference is with the study programme Hospitality and Tourism and Marketing (Bc. and Ing.), where in each semester there are three one-week sessions during which direct teaching takes place. Participation in classes is not mandatory. The exact conditions for admission to the combined form of study can be found below in the important information section.

Important information

  • Conditions for admission to the part-time form of study: +

    The condition for admission is the presentation of an original matriculation certificate or an officially certified copy of the matriculation certificate. The focus of the study is on the independent work of the students using distance learning support provided by the school, prescribed literature and other information sources. In addition to direct teaching, contact between students and teachers also takes place via the Internet and other communication media.
  • Can I switch from full-time to part-time study and vice versa? +

    Yes, transfer between forms of study is always possible after successful completion of the semester.
  • Do I have the status of a student even in a part-time study? +

    Yes, but part-time students do not have full student status and lose some of the benefits associated with full-time study. For example, students of the combined form of study are not entitled to the ISIC card and all discounts associated with it are entitled to the ALIVE card.
  • I can't attend some block lectures, can I be penalized for exams? +

    No. Attendance is not taken into account in the final evaluation.
  • Are the materials available online? +

    Yes, the vast majority of study materials (presentations, required literature, scripts) are available online.
  • Is it possible to invoice a tuition fee per employer and is it a tax deductible expense? +

    Yes, it is possible. We need to provide us with the company's billing information and then the tuition fee can be used as a tax deductible expense.