Jan Makovič

Project Director - 5DM.cz

Influencers and affiliate marketing? Forget it. Performance is somewhere else.


Jana Stránská

Business Director - Ryor

Marketing in practice by Ryor.


Silvia Bušniaková

Managing Director British Chamber of Commerce

Goals and activities of the British Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic.


Eva Horelová

Head of the political section of the EC in the Czech Republic

Another guest of the Embassy Project was Mrs. Eva Horelová, head of the political section of the EC in the Czech Republic.


Radomír Doležal

CEO of CzechTrade

Partner of Czech entrepreneurs on the way to foreign export and investment success


Marek Hlavica

Director of APRA

Students could talk to the director of the Association of PR Agencies about the market and self-regulation of advertising.


Ing. Břetislav Tureček

Journalist - Near and Middle East region

One of the biggest experts in the Czech Republic on the Near and Middle East arrived at UCP to discuss Syria and the Middle East with the students.


Zoran Bartek

Director of the marketing department od the COC

What is the strategy for successful global and national Olympic marketing? The students learned this from the director of the marketing department of the Czech Olympic Committee.


gen. Ing. Andor Šándor

Former Chief of Military Intelligence

General Šándor discussed the war in Europe and the role of the media with the students during the Security Project.


PhDr. Filip Huněk Ph.D.

Senior Digital Business Consultant and Partner at Actum Digital

How are traditional mass and new media used to spread news from places of war conflicts? The students could learn this during the meeting with Filip Huňek.


Vlastimil Plch

Founding Managing Director at Chateau Mcely, s.r.o.

The story of successful international marketing of a Czech sustainable luxury product was presented to UCP students by Mr. Vlastimil Plch, during a lecture within the Marketing Management Matrix.


Presidential candidates

The new episode of the Embassy Project was carried out in the election spirit. This time, the candidates for the post of president of the Czech Republic 2023 accepted our invitation.


Vojtěch Malý

General manager, Čestr, Ambiente.

How is a successful marketing of a unique Czech gastronomic concept done? UCP students could learn this during a meeting with Mr. Vojtěch Malý


Bořivoj Trejbal

Director, Emirates Airline for the Czech Republic

Students could discuss opportunities and challenges in the international air transport market with Mr. Bořivoj Trejbal during the Marketing Management Matrix.


Filip Turek

President of the Jaguar Club of the Czech Republic

How to properly invest in cars and, above all, how to recognize a collector's item? This and many other things were discussed by the students with Filip Turek.


Zdeněk Kříž

Owner, Siam Travel

As part of the Marketing Management Matrix, students could ask the owner of Siam Travel about how the management and marketing of a travel agency's product works in turbulent times.


Jan Bondy

Director of the Department of Public Diplomacy of the MFA CR

How does the promotion of the Czech Republic abroad work? What needs be taken into account? This is what UCP students could learn as part of the Embassy project.


gen. Ing. Petr Pelz


The United States is one of the most interesting topics to discuss. How does the current US work? All this was discussed with our students by General Petr Pelz during the Security Project. gen. Ing. Petr Pelz is an inspector of the General Staff's Military Intelligence Service. He is an adviser to the Permanent Representative of the Czech Republic to the UN in New York and a former ambassador to Afghanistan


Lenka Mikulíková

Tax attaché

During the meeting with Mrs. Mikulíková, the students could learn how the Permanent Representation of the Czech Republic to the EU works.


Mgr. Bohuslav Sobotka

Former Prime Minister of the Czech Republic

As part of the Embassy Project, the former Prime Minister of the Czech Republic and the former Minister of Finance of the Czech Republic, Mr. Mgr. Bohuslav Sobotka spoke to students about economic diplomacy.


arm. gen. Ing. Jiří Šedivý


Our guest within the Security Project was again Mr. Arm. gene. Ing. Jiří Šedivý, who spoke about NATO.


gen. Ing. Andor Šándor


On March 09 we welcomed Mr. gen. Ing. Andor Sandor (in reserve), who spoke to students about security in Europe. This was a very topical issue given the situation in Ukraine.


Ing. Břetislav Tureček

Journalist and Head of the MUP Center for Middle Eastern Studies

As a journalist, Břetislav Tureček has been working in the Middle East for more than twenty years. Until June 2013, he was a Czech Radio correspondent based in Jerusalem for five and a half years. As part of the Security Project, students were able to learn about the realities in the region.


PhDr. Lubomír Zaorálek

Politician and former MFA

Lubomír Zaorálek is a Czech politician and playwright, from 2009 to 2018 the vice-chairman of the CSSD, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic (2014-2017) and the Minister of Culture of the Czech Republic (2019-2021). As part of the Embassy Project, students were able to find out the necessary information from behind the scenes of the world of diplomacy.


gen. Ing. Petr Pelz


gen. Ing. Petr Pelz is an inspector of the General Staff's Military Intelligence Service. He is an adviser to the Permanent Representative of the Czech Republic to the UN in New York and a former ambassador to Afghanistan. During the Security Project, students discussed about Afghanistan.


RNDr. Miloš Vystrčil

Chairman of the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic

Miloš Vystrčil is a Czech politician and pedagogue, since February 2020 Chairman of the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic, from 2016 to 2020 Chairman of the ODS Senators' Club, since 2010 Senator for District No. 52 - Jihlava. At the same time, he has been the ODS Vice-Chairman since 2014, from 2004 to 2008 he was the Governor of the Vysočina Region and from 1998 to 2001 the Mayor of Telč. At the invitation of Mr. Vystrčil, students were able to visit the premises of the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic and chat not only with him but also with the President of the Slovak Republic, Mrs. Zuzana Čaputová, who was visiting the Czech Republic at the time.


Mgr. Tomáš Petříček, Ph.D.

Politician and former MFA

Tomáš Petříček is a Czech politician, from October 2018 to April 2021 the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic in the second government of Andrej Babiš. Between August and October 2018, he served as Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and from May to December 2017 he was Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Affairs of the Czech Republic. From 2019 to 2021 he was also vice-chairman of the ČSSD.


arm. gen. Ing. Jiří Šedivý


The Army of the Czech Republic is a constant topic during budgeting. What is the state of the Czech army? Do you need to change anything? How does it rank in the world? All this was discussed with our students by General Jiří Šedivý during the Security Project. arm. gen. Ing. Jiří Šedivý is a former Chief of the General Staff of the Czech Armed Forces, Head of the Department of Security Studies, guarantor of the MPA - Security and Crisis Management program, member of the Czech Euro-Atlantic Council. His specialization is security, crisis management, reform of the Czech Armed Forces, protection of critical state infrastructure, energy security and other related areas.


gen. Ing. Andor Šándor


What is the role of the state in crisis situations? Is citizens' preparedness for the crisis as it should be? And what about the integrated rescue system? How is the intelligence community of the Czech Republic characterized? What does it have to do? What kind of research and intelligence is he doing? All Andor Sandor discussed all this with our students during the Security Project. gen. Ing. Andor Sandor is a Czech soldier, reserve general and world-famous security analyst. He worked in command and staff positions, since 1986 he worked in the General Staff of the Czechoslovak People's Army. In 2001 and 2002 he was Chief of the Military Intelligence Service. He has been working as a security consultant and analyst since 2003. He regularly provides expert opinions and commentaries for the main Czech media, including television and radio, news and journalistic programs (ČT1, ČT24, Nova, TV Prima, Czech Radio, Radio Free Europe, BBC and others). It also appears in prominent print and broadcast media in Slovakia.


JUDr. Věra Jeřábková, CSc.

Director of the Diplomatic Academy

She has been working at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs since 1994, specializing in sub-Saharan Africa and human rights. In 1998-2002 she was the Czech Ambassador to Cyprus, in 2005-2009 she was the Czech Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates. Since 2011 he has been managing the Diplomatic Academy at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic.


Daniel Braun

Deputy Director of the Cabinet of Commissioner Věra Jourová

Daniel Braun first served as First Deputy Minister for Regional Development with responsibility for the EU Structural Funds. He led the team that prepared the strategy for European funds in the 2014-2020 programming period and at the same time was the head of the Czech negotiation team with the European Commission. The aim of this Q&A is to show students how to build a career in the European institutions and what is the content of a senior employee in the EU.


Martin Šonka

Pilot of the Red Bull Air Race world series

Champion of the world of the elite aviation series Red Bull Air Race, champion of Europe and vice-champion of the world in aerobatics of the unlimited - freestyle category, member of the Czech national team in aerobatics of the unlimited category. Mr. Šonka will share with our students his experiences from the career of a professional pilot, how the aviation industry works and what other plans he plans for in his career.


André Dravecký

CEO Shipvio a absolvent VŠMVV

Are you interested in how to create a great project during your studies? Mr. Dravecký is the CEO and founder of the multimillion-dollar startup Shipvio, which he foundedduring his studies in International Relations and Diplomacy. Its solution offers customers the automation of the overall logistics so that the transport of goods from the customer to the carriers do not incur any unnecessary costs and everything is as efficient and environmentally friendly.


Landon Shroder

Security and political consultant

Are you interested in how the activities of non-profit organizations in the field take place? Would you like to see under the cover of work in conflict zones and in a war environment? So you must not miss the Q&A with Landon Shroder, who has been working in this environment for 20 years!


Patrik Schober

PR specialist, entrepreneur and graduate of VŠMVV

Meet Patrik Schober, our graduate and co-founder and Managing Partner of PRAM Consulting, the Saber, European Excellence Awards, Golden Drum, Worldcom PR Group Award and Lemur. Patrik is also the chairman of the Worldcom group of independent PR agencies and the chairman of the board of the Czech Association of PR Agencies (APRA).


Iva Žiža

Representative of the Political Department of the US Embassy

Iva Žíža has worked for US embassies around the world for more than 10 years. He currently works in Prague and deals mainly with topics such as the protection of human rights, trafficking in human beings, migration and corruption. The aim of this Q&A is to show students exactly what working at embassies entails, what are the specifics of diplomacy in different countries and cultures, and whether, for example, a woman perceived some form of discrimination in Arab countries.


Daniel Musil

Account Director at Aitom Digital

Daniel Musil holds the position of Account Director in one of the largest Czech digital agencies, Aitom Digital, where he is in charge of initial studies of projects (ie goal setting, data analysis, strategy design and solution of the entire project). During this Q&A, you will learn what it means to work in an established digital agency, how to apply in the PR and marketing segment after school, and also to find out what are the differences between domestic and foreign clients.


Václav Klaus Jr.


Václav Klaus Jr. will introduce our students to how Czech politics works, which he considers to be the biggest challenge in politics, and he also talks about the reasons for leaving the ODS and founding Trikolóra. Mr. Klaus Jr. is ready to answer all questions and believes in an interesting discussion with our students.


Ondřej Novotný

Co-owner of Oktagon MMA and moderator

All PR and marketing students will have a unique opportunity to ask Ondřej Novotný how to create a successful project from scratch, how to build a love brand, which is popular with hundreds of thousands of Czechs and Slovaks, and what other plans the Oktagon MMA has. In case of interest, Oktagon is ready to offer a free internship to selected students.


David Ondráčka

Former director of Transparency International CR

The aim of this Q&A is to show how NGOs work and what tools TI uses to detect unfair practices, especially in politics. Students will have the opportunity to find out about possible internships in this organization.


Celeste Buckingham and Lumír Mati

Award-winning Slovak singer and manager on the music scene

What does a singer need to succeed not only on the domestic but also on the foreign scene? How do you negotiate with producers and what unconventional requirements do singers have? Celeste Buckingham and Lumír Mati come to answer these questions and many others for our students.


Jitka Pšejová

Expert in branding, influencing and business connecting

Jitka Pšejová reveals how brands are built in the online space and how influencers are used to market a given product. It also introduces students to how important contacts are in life and why each person is a business connector in their own way.


Ondřej Martan


Ondřej became one of the youngest mayors in the age of 25 and has been successfully defending his mandate for 12 years. In 2018, the ODS won in Běchovice with more than 62%, which has been led there by Ondřej Martan since 2007. Thanks to this Q&A, you will have the opportunity to ask how to become a successful politician at a young age, how to do your job as best you can and how to work with people's support.


Martin Opatrný

PR expert

Martin is the executive director of the Czech branch of PR Clinic, of which he is also a co-owner. He personally oversees all projects and his parquet is crisis communication and strategic PR. He has been working in the field of communication for more than 15 years in both the private and public sectors. He worked as a specialist in communication, Public Relations and Public Affairs in the international advisory and lobbying network Interel, where he moved from the position of press secretary and spokesman for the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Parliament.


Jindřich Ploch

Former Director General of the Civil Aviation Authority and representative of the Czech Republic in the EASA Board

Q&A with Associate Professor Ploch will focus on the functioning of the aviation industry in the Czech Republic and in the world, and Mr. Ploch will also outline the differences in aviation in different parts of the world. Mr. Ploch will also present himself to all students in this form, as from 2020 he will work as a guarantor of a new study program.


Václav Moravec

Moderator and Media personality

Mr. Moravec will explain how the long-running show Questions of Václav Moravec works, how he prepares for duels with politicians and how he got into the media. Students will also have the opportunity to find out about internships on Czech Television or other media.


Ján Skopaček

Politician and economic expert of ODS


Jan Farský

Former mayor of Semily and first vice-chairman of the STAN movement


Vladimír Špidla

Former Prime Minister of the Czech Republic and former Chairman of the CSSD


Randolph Bruno

Doctor of Economics from the prestigious University College London (UCL)


Petr Fiala

Leader of ODS and university professor


Markéta Pekarová Adamová

Political and leader of TOP09


Ivan Bartoš

Politician and chairman of the Czech Pirate Party


Pavel Bělobrádek

Politician and former chairman of KDÚ-ČSL


Andrej Babiš

Politician and Prime Minister of the Czech Republic


Jan Mühlfeit

Czech manager, coach and mentor


Jaroslav Gavenda

Reporter Seznam.cz, FTV Prima and a graduate of VŠMVV


Václav Hubinger

Anthropologist, diplomat and ambassador of the Czech Republic