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All authors who send contributions for publication in the anthology ensure and confirm that this is an original text that has not been published anywhere and meets the conditions of authorship of the specified person or persons, and that it is not a partial or complete copy of another text. If the author used the work or part of it from another author, these sources must be properly cited according to generally applicable rules. Any plagiarism is grounds for rejection of the contribution. The author should not list as co-authors those persons who did not participate in the text or the research in the included text.

The preparation and publication of the proceedings of the conference will take place in accordance with the highest ethical standards of publication ethics. The conference committee will take all possible measures to prevent activities that can be described as unfair, such as copyright infringement and plagiarism. The conference committee also guarantees that the entire review process and publication process will be carried out objectively.

All contributions will be anonymously reviewed by two independent reviewers (double blind peer-review) in order to ensure a high standard of quality of the texts submitted for publication in the proceedings. Contributions are assessed with regard to their relevance, meaning, originality, timeliness, readability and language level.