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Cultural and sports diplomacy belongs to the so-called soft power of the state and is one of the effective tools of parallel diplomacy. Students will learn how to build the so-called national branding of the country how to increase the attractiveness of the country, its credibility and the promotion of foreign policy goals. In recent years, cultural diplomacy has become an integral part of the foreign policy of many countries. Sports diplomacy is also taking shape as the demand for sports diplomats grows dramatically. A specific area is Olympic diplomacy, using international and national organizations (International Olympic Committee, Slovak / Czech Olympic Committee, sports associations, etc.).
For this reason, selected sports diplomacy topics are taught directly by experts from the Czech Olympic Committee.

The specialization is taught only in the Czech language.

Graduate profile

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Profile courses

Social protocolReligion in international relationsInternational organisationsIntegration processes in international relations

Graduate profile

Employee in international sports organizationsEmployee in Czech and Slovak sports organizations or at the Ministry of Foreign AffairsEmployee of specialized agencies (CzechInvest, Czech Tourism, etc.)

Benefits of studying at UCP

Individual approach

Our students are our partners and not a mere number on the list

No more learning by heart

With us, you will gain real skills and practical experience

First class teachers

You will be taught by former ministers, managers or diplomats

Internships already during the study

Possibility of internships in domestic and international institutions

Interesting projects

The Embassy project works especially for UCP students

Erasmus +

Possibility to travel to dozens of countries

Indicative study plan

Semester Name of the subject
Fall Political science
Fall Introduction to international relations
Fall Diplomacy in international relations
Fall English language
Fall Social protocol
Fall Political system of the Czech Republic / Slovakia
Semester Name of the subject
Spring Economy and economics
Spring History of International Political Relations
Spring Law in international relations
Spring English language II
Spring Foreign policy of the Czech Republic / Slovakia
Spring Comparison of political systems
Semester Name of the subject
Fall History of International Political Relations II
Fall International law I
Fall World economy
Fall English language III
Fall 2. Foreign language I
Fall Political geography
Fall European economic integration
Semester Name of the subject
Spring Integration processes in international relations
Spring Religion in international relations
Spring International law II
Spring English language IV
Spring 2. Foreign language II
Spring Territorial studies of Europe and the world
Spring Political extremism in international relations
Semester Name of the subject
Fall Bachelor thesis seminar
Fall Security dimensions in international relations
Fall Great Powers in International Relations
Fall English language V
Fall 2. foreign language III
Fall Foreign economic relations
Fall Current issues of international relations in English
Semester Name of the subject
Spring Bachelor thesis
Spring Economic diplomacy
Spring Conflicts in international relations
Spring English language VI
Spring 2. Foreign language IV
Spring International organizations

We care about students

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I appreciate that there are mainly experienced teachers with extensive experience. I also certainly enjoy the various projects we can be involved in, such as the project Embassy or the project Security with General Andor Šándor.


I came to UCP from a small town and a small school. Two things were important to me when choosing a college: the access to students and the composition of teachers. So I couldn't end up in a better place than here. I have the opportunity to be Teresa, not a number. Thanks to the school, I also got some interesting internships.


What certainly surprised me and I think that the strongest aspect of UCP is the incorporation of theory into practice. Another important condition for my school choice is a strong and cooperative team. The school certainly meets this condition.

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