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Why study this specialization?

The specialization is intended mainly for creative people who want to learn how to build a love brand, prepare advertising campaigns or use the full potential of social networks. In addition, the teaching focuses on the basics of psychology, personality psychology and the improvement of communication skills, thanks to which students will learn to use the psychology of persuasion to their advantage in dealing with customers.

The specialization is taught only in the Czech language.

Graduate profile

Where can a graduate of the specialization apply?

Profile courses

MarketingGraphics in marketingBasics of advertising and PRCommunication in service managementBusiness Intelligence for marketing

Graduate profile

Marketing managerDigital Marketing ManagerPR workerKey account managerTV worker

Benefits of studying at UCP

Individual approach

Classes take place in small groups.

Top experts

You will be taught by managers, entrepreneurs and other experts from practice.

Interesting internships

The opportunity to work with our partners.

No more learning by heart

More critical thinking and practical experience.

Excellent facilities

UCP has 2 restaurants and bars.

Erasmus +

Possibility to travel to dozens of countries.

What awaits you during your studies?

Listen to what Ing. Štěpán Chalupa, Ph. D., Head of the Marketing Department has to say about the program.

Indicative study plan

Semester Name of the subject
Fall Information and communication technologies
Fall Basics of advertising and PR
Fall Communication in marketing
Fall Management
Fall Law
Fall English language
Fall Foreign language
Semester Name of the subject
Spring Microeconomics
Spring Accounting
Spring Marketing
Spring Introduction to sociology
Spring English language
Spring Foreign language
Spring Practice
Semester Name of the subject
Fall Macroeconomics
Fall Basics of franchising
Fall Business Intelligence for marketing
Fall Statistics
Fall Optional subject
Fall English language
Fall Foreign language
Semester Name of the subject
Spring Business Economics
Spring Modern human resources
Spring Psychology
Spring Optional subject
Spring English language
Spring Foreign language
Spring Practice
Semester Name of the subject
Fall Taxes and financial reporting
Fall International Trade
Fall Business informatics
Fall Graphics in marketing
Fall Communication in service management
Fall English language
Fall Seminar on BT
Semester Name of the subject
Spring Banks and financial operations
Spring Research methodology
Spring Data processing and evaluation
Spring Security and data protection
Spring Copyright and license law
Spring Ad content and PR
Spring Management psychology
Spring Pre-state-exam seminar
Semester Name of the subject
Activities of a marketing agency
Selected marketing activities
Sociology and marketing
Editorial work

We care about students

Satisfied students are our best business card.


What I liked most at UCP was the connection of professional theory with practice. What we learned in class, we could then try in practice. It is a great preparation for all future hoteliers. I will always remember my studies very fondly, it was a good decision.


Three years at UCP fly by in the blink of an eye. The friendly atmosphere, the professionalism of the academic staff, the topicality of the topics covered and the close connection with practice are just a small list of things that can be characterized by UCP. It thus becomes a great springboard for creating your own future.


UCP gave me a broad perspective. I can work in the hotel industry, but also in gastronomy, tourism or marketing. The hotel industry has always attracted me and now, as a graduate, I have a great chance to apply myself in it. The teachers are people in the right place who have rich experience and try to pass on as much as possible to the students

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