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Why study this program?

Students will gain knowledge of both Czech and international financial accounting and reporting, as well as managerial accounting, financial analysis and financial management of business and non-business entities. The study also provides knowledge in the field of finance, money and capital market, budget system and tax issues.

Students will not be in need of practice already during their studies, because the strategic partner of the accounting and financial management department is the auditing company BDO CA s.r.o., thanks to which students can visit the Accounting Center and thus encounter real accounting cases directly in practice. BDO CA s.r.o. belongs to the network of the five largest auditing companies in the world.


The study programme is taught only in the Czech language.

Business Accounting and Financial Management (Bc.)

Professional orientations


Crisis Manager / Risk Manager

Learn to run companies in good and bad times.


Audit and Financial Controlling

We will prepare you for a career in prestigious audit companies.


Accounting and Tax Professional

Familiarize yourself with financial statements and tax transactions.


Public Sector Financial and Accounting System

The specialization is for those who would like to work in the public sector focused on economics and accounting.

Advantages of studying at UCP

Top experts

You will be taught by managers, entrepreneurs and other experts from practice.

Quality partners

Possibility of internships in prestigious companies such as APOGEO Group, BDO C.A. and many others.

Long tradition

We have been providing quality education in the field of accounting and finance for more than 15 years.


Graduates of economics belong to above-average paid jobs.

No more learning by heart

More critical thinking and practical experience.

Erasmus +

Possibility to travel to dozens of countries.

We care about students

Satisfied students are our best business card.


At school, I appreciate the smooth communication with all teachers. Friendliness and individual approach to students also create a pleasant atmosphere for study. I consider the teaching to be the biggest advantage of the school, which is led by experts with many years of practical experience.


Studying gave me not only valuable and useful knowledge in the field of accounting and taxes, but also excellent language skills, with which I managed to find employment in the field and abroad. Studying at our school is simply a guarantee of quality.


At our school, you are not just a number, but a person that teachers remember and try to support even in difficult times.

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