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Why study this program?

We have been teaching the study program for 20 years and our erudite experts from practice such as prof. Eduard Gombár, gen. Andor Šándor or former ambassadors and ministers are a guarantee that you will receive only the highest quality education from us. Furthermore, thanks to their contacts around the world, you will have the opportunity to travel abroad for internships, where you will gain the necessary experience to build a successful career in the field.

In addition, you will have the opportunity to try out the work of a diplomat in our Embassy Project during your studies. Here, under the supervision of real diplomats, you will learn what roles the ambassador, attaché, consul, etc. perform at the embassy.

The study program is taught only in the Czech language.

International and Diplomatic Studies

Professional orientations


Career Diplomat (Mgr.)

Prepare for a career in the diplomatic service.


Political, Security and Economic Diplomacy (Mgr.)

Gain knowledge of current and future security threats and their impact on regional or global politics and the economy.


International Relations Analyst (Mgr.)

Get a detailed overview of all aspects that affect relations between states.


Cultural and Sports Diplomacy (Mgr.)

This type of diplomacy belongs to the so-called soft power of the state and is one of the effective tools of parallel diplomacy.

Benefits of studying at UCP

Individual approach

Our students are our partners and not a mere number on the list

No more learning by heart

With us, you will gain real skills and practical experience

First class teachers

You will be taught by former ministers, managers or diplomats

Internships already during the study

Possibility of internships in domestic and international institutions

Interesting projects

The Embassy project works especially for UCP students

Erasmus +

Possibility to travel to dozens of countries

We care about students

Satisfied students are our best advertisement.


I have already chosen UCP for my bachelor's studies, mainly because of the field of PR, and I liked it so much that I decided to continue my master's studies here as well. The strongest aspect of the school is the individual approach to students.


My work is time consuming because I do not choose when and where I will have to participate in an international mission. However, thanks to the fantastic approach of the teachers, who always try to adapt the schedule and exam requirements to the part-time students, I have no problem prosecuting the work and educating myself at the same time.


I came to UCP from a small town and a small school. Two things were important to me when choosing a college: the access to students and the composition of teachers. So I couldn't end up in a better place than here. I have the opportunity to be Teresa, not a number. Thanks to the school, I also got some interesting internships.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it possible to study International and Diplomatic Studies in Prague and also in Bratislava? +

    Yes, this study program can be studied in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
  • What are the professional orientations in this program? +

    The study program International and Diplomatic Studies is offered in four professional specializations - Career Diplomat, Political, Security and Economic Diplomacy, Analyst of International Relations and Cultural and Sports Diplomacy.
  • What do the individual professional orientations mean? +

    All professional specializations have the same subject composition. However, in the higher subjects, the individual specializations in the offer of compulsory elective subjects differ, thanks to which the students focus on the selected area. For example, students of Political, Security and Economic Diplomacy take in more depth the security and political aspects of diplomacy, while students of Cultural and Sports Diplomacy pay more attention to the functioning of international sports organizations, their importance and the like.
  • I can study this master's program even though I have Bc. degree from another field? +

    Yes, this study program can be studied without prior study of international relations and similar study programs.
  • Is this study program accredited? +

    Yes, in 2020 we received an extension of accreditation for another period.
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