Schools that are not about memorizing

Today, the concept of classical learning is long overdue. Real skills, practical experience and the ability to think critically are much more valuable today. That is why, as students of UCP schools, you will work on various projects, essays or analyzes throughout your studies thanks to which you will acquire these skills.

Schools where practical experience is an integral part of the study

In addition to a wide choice of internships, students can come into contact with the practice directly at the school. While studying, you will have the opportunity to work in our professional student marketing agency , where you will work for real clients. Not only will you gain practical experience and find it easier to find a job after graduation, you will also have the opportunity to earn extra money while studying. If you choose international relations as your focus, you will be put into practice in the first year. Thanks to our Project Embassy. Here, under the supervision of real diplomats, you will learn what roles the ambassador, attachés, consuls, etc. play in the embassy. There are also two fully equipped bars and restaurants at the Institute of Hospitality Management and Economics , where students can try out employees' management, negotiations with suppliers and other practical experience.

Schools where professionals give lectures

With us, you will not find lecturers who have spent their whole lives in a classroom and gained their skills only from books. Erudite experts such as Professor Gombár, gen. Andor Sandor, Ing. Mgr. Vladana Horákova, MBA or Associate Professor Eichler , we guarantee that we do not compromise on the quality of teaching. In addition, practical guests also give lectures at UCP schools on a regular basis. Thanks to this, students at our schools were able to meet personalities such as Václav Moravec, Jan Mühlfeit, Ondřej Novotný, Jitka Pšejová or Martin Šonka.

Schools located in exclusive premises

In all cities we teach in exclusive spaces. The University of International and Public Relations in Prague and the Private University of Economics in Smíchov are located in Prague, in the wider city center where there is easy access by metro from Anděl. The University of Logistics and the University of Hotel Management are located in a fully equipped building (two bars and restaurants, traffic simulation room), located in the residential part of Prague 8. In Bratislava, all schools are located in one of the tallest buildings in Slovakia - Tower 115 which is located right by the Danube and the Eurovea shopping center. The University of Logistics, which is located in Přerov, and the Private University of Economics based in Znojmo are located directly in the city centers with an excellent accessibility and parking options.