United College Prague (UCP)

The United College Prague group was established in 2021 by merging four established private universities - the University of International and Public Relations Prague, the Institute of Hospitality Management in Prague, the University of Logistics and the Private University of Economics. Currently, teaching takes place in four cities, namely in Prague, Bratislava, Přerov and Znojmo.

More about the school

Bachelor's degree


Those interested in a bachelor's degree can choose from seven fully accredited study programs, which have another 26 specializations and professional orientations.

Master's degree


Currently, the UCP group offers the study of three prestigious programs in ten specializations or professional specializations. All master's programs can be studied in a part-time form and for admission is not a condition to have completed a bachelor's degree in the same field.

Lifelong learning


For future teachers, we offer the opportunity to participate in the Teach Live project. For people in the post-productive age, we also offer the opportunity to expand their knowledge in the form of the University of the Third Age.

Interactive Map of UCP

What can you study and where

interaktivna_mapa_ucp Prague Bratislava Znojmo Přerov

UCP schools in Přerov

Bachelor programs

Master's degree programs

UCP schools in Znojmo

Master's degree programs

Open door

Come visit our schools and learn more about the benefits of studying at UCP schools. Each school has its own ODD term, which depends on the specific city.

Vysoká škola mezinárodních a veřejných vztahů Praha

College of International and Public Relations Prague

03.02.2022PragueIndividual appointmentBratislava
Vysoká škola hotelová v Praze

Institute of Hospitality Management

12.01.2022PragueIndividual appointmentBratislava
Vysoká škola logistiky o.p.s

University of Logistics

11.01.2022PragueIndividual appointmentBratislava
Soukromá vysoká škola ekonomická

Private University of Economics

Individual appointmentPragueIndividual appointmentBratislava