A university that continues the tradition.

University College Prague (UCP) was created by the merger of two recognised universities - the College of International and Public Relations Prague (VŠMVV) and the Institute of Hospitality Management and Economics (VŠHE). UCP builds on the more than 20-year tradition of VŠMVV and VŠHE and continues to focus on the education in humanities and economics study programs.

The management of UCP consists of graduates from leading world universities such as Cambridge University, London School of Economics (LSE) or Maastricht University. Also, for this reason, at UCP the emphasis is placed on minimising irrelevant memorisation, the possibility of putting acquired knowledge into practice already during the studies and developing critical thinking.

Why study at UCP?

Prague, Znojmo, Bratislava

UCP currently has branches in three cities - Prague, Znojmo and Bratislava. Thanks to this, students from all corners of the Czech republic and Slovakia have the opportunity to study at UCP. Each city has its own unique advantages and the offer of study programs differs depending on the individual locations.

Study centers